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Re: [patch] variable datums with syncase transformer

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: [patch] variable datums with syncase transformer
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 00:21:18 +0100
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szgyg <address@hidden> writes:

> (set! (@ (guile) car) cdr)

Neil Jerram <address@hidden> writes:

> If I've understood it correctly, I think this patch would change
> existing behaviour, by returning a fixed value rather than a location.

Um, you're both right!

> Could we not look at fixing (ice-9 syncase) instead, so that it
> understands variables?

Yes.  I finally grasp the rationale behind Stephen's patch, and I think
I'm convinced that we should apply it.  But since I've been so misguided
in this discussion, someone else should confirm that it's a good idea.


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