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Re: autogen error building from git

From: Julian Graham
Subject: Re: autogen error building from git
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 01:28:47 -0400

>  I suspect this has to do with your Gnulib being too old.  Can you get
>  the latest with "git clone git://" and use
>  `gnulib-update' from that directory?

Huh?  I checked out gnulib but I don't see any `gnulib-update'
commands or scripts or anything.

...However, I think the issue may be a simple confusion between
strings.h and string.h -- when I copy string_h.m4 from the latest
gnulib to Guile's m4 directory (which already contained strings_h.m4),
everything seems to work (i.e., autogen generates the appropriate
scripts and I can configure and make successfully).

>  An alternative solution is to have one of us (me I guess) commit all the
>  Gnulib-installed files that we actually use, so that others don't have
>  to install Gnulib at all.  GnuTLS and other projects work like this.  I
>  guess we'll do that.
>  Opinions?

This seems to be in line with the spirit of the gnulib project, so if
it seems to be the de facto method for other projects, it wouldn't
hurt to do it for Guile as well -- that's my vote.

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