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Re: Git import issues

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Git import issues
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 21:57:33 +0200
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Hi all,

After several trial and errors, a bit of googling, etc., I had to face
it: `git-cvsimport' just doesn't manage to properly keep track of
branches (there's been recent discussion on this topic on the Git list
[0], giving the impression that `git-cvsimport' just can't do the job

Fortunately, there are several alternatives [1].  I decided to try
`cvs2git' [2], which is part of `cvs2svn'.  The resulting import does
not have the problems of the one currently on-line.

To get more confidence in its correctness, I checked out "HEAD" and
"branch_release-1-{6,8}" from CVS and then compared with `diff' the
CVS-checkout and the Git-checkout trees for these branches (modulo `CVS'
directories).  The only differences are the CVS keyword in "qt/b.h" and
deleted directories that are still visible in the CVS checkout but not
in the import.

For completeness, I also cloned the import, bootstrapped/built all 3
branches (BTW, 1.6's `' would need to be updated), and
successfully ran "make check".

The new repo takes 23 MiB after gc [3] and has 94 tags, 18 branches, and
10161 commits on `master' and 10617 on `branch_release-1-8'
(interestingly, the broken repo had only 3863 on that branch!).

This makes me confident that the import is not broken this time.  Thus
I'm planning to ask the Savannah admins to remove the old one and
replace it with this one today.  I'll take care of reapplying patches
that were applied after the CVS import to the Git repository.  If anyone
has patches in their local Git repository cloned from the repository
that's going to be replaced, I can describe the procedure used to
reapply them on a newly-cloned repository.



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