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Re: Just in case...

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Just in case...
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 21:36:33 +0100

2008/8/12 Neil Jerram <address@hidden>:
> I'll try to take a look at the m68k prob tonight.

No solution yet I'm afraid, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

It seems to be a fairly obscure rounding test that is failing:

      x = ldexp (1.0, DBL_MANT_DIG - 1) - 1.0 + 0.5;
      want = ldexp (1.0, DBL_MANT_DIG - 1);
      assert (scm_c_round (x) == want);

i.e., IIUC, testing rounding near the upper limit of what can be
represented as a floating point number.

Looking at this from the "what changed" point of view: I don't believe
that either the code (scm_c_round() in libguile/numbers.c) or the test
(test-suite/standalone/test-round.c) has changed significantly since
2004.  As far as Debian is concerned, therefore, I would have expected
to see exactly the same m68k build failure for 1.8.1+1-4 (the current
stable version) and 1.8.4+1.2 (current testing).  But I haven't been
able to find any build logs to confirm or deny that.


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