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Re: _GNU_SOURCE redundant define

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: _GNU_SOURCE redundant define
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 18:39:35 -0400
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  > On NetBSD-current/amd64, the branch_release-1-8 branch fails to build.
  > _GNU_SOURCE is defined in config.h, and also in two files.  With the
  > following change, it builds and 'gmake check' succeeds.

  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I suspect that is because you had
  autoreconf'd and configured `master', which created a `config.h{,.in}'
  that defines `_GNU_SOURCE', and then switched to `branch_release-1-8',
  which did not recreate `'.

  The fix is to make sure to run "make distclean" before running
  "autoreconf && configure && make".

I don't think so, but it's possible but I'll look at config.log.  I am
running a script to do the build, derived from yours.  But I see
distclean doesn't remove configure.

Are you saying that autoreconf won't recreate from after a branch switch?  Is that because git has old
timestamps on newly-changed files?

I have rm'd config.h and am starting a new build.

  And thanks for the NetBSD autobuild!

You're welcome - I'm glad to see people concerned about how guile works
on BSD, and my copious spare time levels are low, but this seemed high

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