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From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Avoid `SCM_VALIDATE_LIST ()'
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 00:32:59 +0200

2008/9/2 Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden>:
> If you are doing memq? for something you already know to
> somewhere in front of the list [...]

Why would you do that?  In two senses:

1. I know memq gives you the tail of the list, but I usually use its
result only as a true/false value Why would run use memq like that in
a situation where you already know that it will give you true?

2. It feels unusual to me to have a long list, but in which certain
kinds of values are known always to be near the front.  That sounds
like something that should really be represented as two (or more)
separate lists.

Have you observed this (the current usage of SCM_VALIDATE_LIST) as a
performance problem in practice?


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