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boot-9 compiling in guile-vm

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: boot-9 compiling in guile-vm
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 01:14:51 +0200
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I finally pushed some patches I had that enable compilation of
boot-9.scm in guile-vm. Give it a pull. NB, you'll have to rebuild all
your .go files -- make clean before making.

Quick observations before I attempt to sleep:

 * Guile load time is only slightly better (~10%). I think this is
   mostly because the lazy variable resolution makes a bit of garbage --
   basically the variable cell is '((the current module) . sym) before
   it is resolved to a var. There are lots of macro-level optimizations
   before micro-optimization starts to make sense.

 * Probably your backtraces won't be as good. They're better if you use
   the vm repl ((@ (system repl repl) start-repl) 'scheme), but even
   then they're suboptimal. A work in progress.

 * Probably in the future I will change the vm branch to have two
   possible repls, an interpreter or a compiler. (These would be
   different instantiations of <repl>, pretty easy -- you can treat it
   just like a different language.) But the mechanism will be the same,
   so you can have ,help and all that.



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