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Re: GSoC: Emacs Lisp support for GNU Guile

From: Daniel Kraft
Subject: Re: GSoC: Emacs Lisp support for GNU Guile
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 17:36:30 +0200
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Andy Wingo wrote:
Hi Daniel,

On Tue 31 Mar 2009 12:44, Daniel Kraft <address@hidden> writes:

as already discussed briefly with the Guile guys behind the new VM
thing, I got the idea to implement Emacs Lisp as supported language for
the Guile VM system.

This sounds great! I'd love to assist. As the fellow who's hacked most
on Guile's VM, I can offer "mentorship" if you like, on the Guile
side -- though I am not as knowledgable about Emacs as I'd like to be.

Thank you all for the quick replies and offers for mentoring! I'd be really glad to work on this project and hopefully to bring the elisp support to guile, which really seems something valuable to the community!

And it seems mentoring won't be any problem... I'll mention this to the GNU guy involved, so hopefully my proposal can finally be accepted.

Originally, Guile as the GNU scripting language was designed as a language
based on the Scheme lisp dialect; however, as a prime example for use of a
scripting language (and with a huge existing base of scripts) Emacs Lisp is
another popular lisp based scripting language.  With the new capabilities of
Guile, it will be possible to add support of this language to Guile and thus
allow it (and all programs using Guile as scripting engine) to be
programmed not
only in Scheme but also Emacs lisp; thus, it will also be possible to
all the existing elisp code for creating even more nifty and useful

YMMV, but I think that elisp is most useful within the context of Emacs
itself -- its data types, its libraries, its runtime. So after getting
Emacs Lisp's semantics to compile, perhaps as a "if time allows" thing,
defining a Guile implementation of emacs/src/lisp.h would allow Guile to
slip into Emacs with minimal modification of C sources.

So far I've only thought about elisp as "yet another language" but you're of course right, it probably consists mainly (or at least importantly) of its bindings to Emacs. While I've no particular experience there (at the moment), the idea to use Zile as test-bed for the SoC project and simply for getting started sounds reasonable to me.


Depends on the requests from my mentor / the community, but I think the
public development mailing lists and private email should be fine; other
are instant messaging / IRC.

I'm often on #guile, with CET as my timezone. Between there and the
mailing lists we should be good, avoiding private email.

Cool, I'll try to drop in some time near (when I've got some time spare, which is unfortunatelly a little spare during the week at the moment)! Timezone is CEST for me, too :D


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