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Re: Merging Guile-R6RS-Libs in `master'

From: Julian Graham
Subject: Re: Merging Guile-R6RS-Libs in `master'
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:32:24 -0400

> Cool!  ;-)
> The trick is to extend it in a backward-compatible way as much as
> possible.  But now that we have hygiene and `use-syntax' has been
> sort-of phased out (Andy?), that should be doable.
> Perhaps we could create a branch so that you could experiment things?

*Urk*  You didn't mean me, did you?  I have to confess, I'm totally at
a loss as to how we're going to make versioning work with the autoload
system.  Maybe we could discuss a little first?

In particular, I see some difficulty in terms of determining whether
to fully load and evaluate a module form during search.  My
understanding is that, in general terms, the existing system does the

1. Checks the set of registered modules
2. Locates a candidate module based on filename and loads it
3. Re-checks the set of registered modules

Is that more or less accurate?  The main assumption here is, I think,
that the first file matching the module specifier will contain the
definition of the desired module.  Based on our discussion of ways of
representing version [1], that may no longer hold.


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