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SCM_DEBUG reveals possible goops bugs

From: Mike Gran
Subject: SCM_DEBUG reveals possible goops bugs
Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 21:14:39 -0700

Here are some things I've noticed.  I don't know what to make of them,
but, I wanted to jot them down before I forgot them.

1. When compiled with -DSCM_DEBUG, build fails because of invalid lvalue
assignment in programs.c.  Easy fix.  See attached patches to

2. When compiled with -DSCM_DEBUG, the "fraction generics" test in
fractions.test fails with a "Non-pair accessed with SCM_C[AD]R:
`#<program 91ad670 (class . initargs)>'"

3. Likewise, the "interaction with `struct-ref'" in goops.test fails
with "Non-pair accessed with SCM_C[AD]R: `#<program 90570b0 (class .

4. Similar in goops.test for "interaction with `struct-set!",
"overwriting a top-level binding to a generic" and others

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