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build failure in master: zero-length memset

From: Julian Graham
Subject: build failure in master: zero-length memset
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 22:42:49 -0400

Hi all,

I'm getting a build failure on master caused by a warning about a
zero-length call to memset (which reminded me of  what Ken and Ludo
were talking about here [1]).

  /usr/include/bits/string3.h:82: error: call to
‘__warn_memset_zero_len’ declared with attribute warning: memset used
with constant zero length parameter; this could be due to transposed

Haven't had a chance to debug it at all, but in case it's handy, `gcc
--version` gives me: "gcc (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) 4.3.3"


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