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Re: r6rs libraries, round three

From: Julian Graham
Subject: Re: r6rs libraries, round three
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 00:32:06 -0400

Hi Guilers,

Okay, after poking around in the manual and the code, it looks like
`load-module' does what I need.

Find attached two patches that, combined, add full support for
R6RS-style version information to Guile's module system.  I've done a
bit of testing and believe that this code does the Right Thing in a
variety of situations -- e.g., it always attempts to select the
"highest" version number but can recover from situations in which
paths corresponding to higher-numbered versions don't contain actual
module implementations.

Questions, comments?  If it seems like this code is on the right
track, I'll add documentation to the appropriate locations.
boot-9.scm is getting a little bit crowded, though -- I don't suppose
it makes sense to move some of the module handling code to an
auxiliary file?


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