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patch: remove unused futures code

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: patch: remove unused futures code
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 17:54:57 -0400

Since support for "futures" in C has been completely disabled for some
    time, and should be easily implementable in Scheme with the current
    thread support, delete the C code.

    * libguile/futures.c, libguile/futures.h: Delete.
    * libguile/ (libguile_la_SOURCES, DOT_X_FILES,
DOT_DOC_FILES, modinclude_HEADERS): Delete references to futures.*

    * libguile.h: Don't include futures.h.
    * libguile/eval.c: Don't include futures.h.
      (isymnames): Delete "address@hidden" entry.
      (scm_m_future, s_future, scm_sym_future, unmemoize_future,
      unmemoize_builtin_macro): Delete disabled futures code.
    * libguile/eval.i.c (CEVAL): Delete disabled futures code.
    * libguile/init.c: Don't include futures.h.
      (scm_i_init_guile): Delete disabled futures initialization call.
    * libguile/tags.h (SCM_IM_FUTURE): Delete.
      SCM_IM_NIL_COND, SCM_IM_BIND): Renumber.

* doc/ref/api-scheduling.texi: Delete commented-out node on Futures.
    * doc/maint/guile.texi: Delete make-future and future-ref mentions.

The attached patch doesn't include the diffs for the files going away.

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