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Guile 1.8.7 - Licenses

From: marcooliva
Subject: Guile 1.8.7 - Licenses
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 13:58:27 +0000
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In the file LICENSE is written:
"Guile is covered under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License, version 2.1. ..."

Many files has others licenses:

guile-1.8.7/ :

    compile  GPL2+
    config.guess  GPL2+  GPL2+
    config.sub  GPL2+
    configure  GPL2+  GPL2+
    depcomp  GPL2+
    elisp-comp  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+
    mdate-sh  GPL2+
    missing  GPL2+  GPL2+
    texinfo.tex  GPL3+

guile-1.8.7/am/ :

    maintainer-dirs  GPL2+  GPL2+
    pre-inst-guile  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/benchmark-suite/ :

    guile-benchmark  GPL2+
    lib.scm  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/benchmark-suite/benchmarks/ :  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/build-aux/ :

    compile  GPL2+
    config.guess  GPL2+
    config.sub  GPL2+
    depcomp  GPL2+
    elisp-comp  GPL2+  GPL2+
    mdate-sh  GPL2+
    missing  GPL2+
    texinfo.tex  GPL3+

guile-1.8.7/doc/ :

    groupings.alist  GPL2+  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/doc/example-smob/ :

    image-type.c  GPL2+
    myguile.c  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/doc/goops/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/doc/r5rs/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/doc/ref/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/doc/tutorial/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/emacs/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/examples/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/examples/box/ :

    box.c  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/examples/box-dynamic/ :

    box.c  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/examples/box-dynamic-module/ :

    box.c  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/examples/box-module/ :

    box.c  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/guile-config/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/guile-readline/ :

    config.guess  GPL2+
    config.sub  GPL2+
    depcomp  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+
    missing  GPL2+
    readline.c  GPL2+
    readline.h  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/guile-readline/ice-9/ :  GPL2+
    readline.scm  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/ice-9/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/lang/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/libguile/ :

    gettext.h  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+  GPL2+
    inet_aton.c  ORIGINAL BSD (" ... 3. All advertising materials
                                     mentioning features or use of this
                                     software must display the
                                     following acknowledgement: This
                                     product includes software
                                     developed by the University of
                                     California, Berkeley and its
                                     contributors. ... ")  GPL2+
    mkstemp.c  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/oop/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/oop/goops/ :

    accessors.scm  GPL2+  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/scripts/ :

    api-diff  GPL2+
    autofrisk  GPL2+
    display-commentary  GPL2+
    doc-snarf  GPL2+
    frisk  GPL2+
    generate-autoload  GPL2+
    lint  GPL2+  GPL2+
    punify  GPL2+
    read-rfc822  GPL2+
    read-scheme-source  GPL2+
    read-text-outline  GPL2+
    scan-api  GPL2+
    snarf-check-and-output-texi  GPL2+
    snarf-guile-m4-docs  GPL2+
    summarize-guile-TODO  GPL2+
    use2dot  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/srfi/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/test-suite/ :

    guile-test  GPL2+
    lib.scm  GPL2+  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/test-suite/standalone/ :  GPL2+

guile-1.8.7/test-suite/tests/ :

    and-let-star.test  GPL2+
    c-api.test  GPL2+
    chars.test  GPL2+
    continuations.test  GPL2+
    format.test  GPL2+
    fractions.test  GPL2+
    getopt-long.test  GPL2+
    goops.test  GPL2+
    guardians.test  GPL2+
    interp.test  GPL2+
    load.test  GPL2+
    multilingual.nottest  GPL2
    optargs.test  GPL2+
    options.test  GPL2+
    ports.test  GPL2+
    posix.test  GPL2+
    procprop.test  GPL2+
    receive.test  GPL2+
    regexp.test  GPL2+
    signals.test  GPL2+
    srfi-1.test  GPL2+
    srfi-4.test  GPL2+
    srfi-6.test  GPL2+
    srfi-9.test  GPL2+
    srfi-10.test  GPL2+
    srfi-11.test  GPL2+
    srfi-13.test  GPL2+
    srfi-14.test  GPL2+
    srfi-19.test  GPL2+
    srfi-34.test  GPL2+
    srfi-35.test  GPL2+
    srfi-37.test  GPL2+
    srfi-39.test  GPL2+
    srfi-60.test  GPL2+
    srfi-69.test  GPL2+
    srfi-88.test  GPL2+
    strings.test  GPL2+
    structs.test  GPL2+
    symbols.test  GPL2+
    syncase.test  GPL2+
    syntax.test  GPL2+
    threads.test  GPL2+
    time.test  GPL2+
    version.test  GPL2+


    Update the guile license to GPL2+ (GNU General Public License 2 or

    Remove or remove and re-write the files texinfo.tex (guile-1.8.7/) and
    texinfo.tex (guile-1.8.7/build-aux/).

Remove or remove and re-write or ask to the copyright holder of the file inet_aton.c (guile-1.8.7/libguile/) to remove the 3º clause.


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