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Re: Compilation and load-extension

From: Tristan Colgate
Subject: Re: Compilation and load-extension
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 12:54:23 +0000

2010/1/3 Andy Wingo <address@hidden>:
> Hi Tristan,
>    (eval-when (eval load compile)
>      (load-extension "" "scm_init_my_module"))
  Thanks for the explanation and the fix, it works nicely and I now
have previous code running cleanly, a guile-lib based unit test
framework on its way.

> If this code is generated by SWIG, as you had mentioned before, please
> let the SWIG maintainers know about this issue, and point them to this
> message.

  On further inspection this is actually my code in my swig binding,
so trivial to update on my end. swig does still need some changes but
I haven't got a good enough understanding yet to go to the swig guys
(memory allocation is the main issue, and they use some deprecated

  Cheers, and thanks for all the great work on guile.

Tristan Colgate-McFarlane
  "You can get all your daily vitamins from 52 pints of guiness, and a
glass of milk"

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