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guile arrays in 1.9

From: Daniel Llorens del Río
Subject: guile arrays in 1.9
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 16:13:30 +0100


array->list is broken in 1.9.6:

scheme@(guile-user)>  (array->list #(0 1))
ERROR: Value out of range: -1

Patch for libguile/generalized-arrays.c:

<       size_t i, lbnd;
>       ssize_t i, lbnd;
<       pos += (i - h->dims[dim].ubnd) * inc;
>       pos += (i - lbnd) * inc;

Many of the syntaxes from § in the manual don't seem to work: #2() gives 'unrecognized object', address@hidden(1 2 3) does work but the bounds are ignored (??). These both work with 1.8.7.

There is a test-suite/tests/unif.c that is mostly unchanged from 1.8.7. It doesn't call array->list. Some of the tests there should fail (e.g. the second test in with-test-prefix fails for me in the REPL) yet check-guile.log says it passes.

Is somebody testing/using this stuff?


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