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Re: bug in scm_arrray_handle_[srfi tag]_elements

From: Daniel Llorens del Río
Subject: Re: bug in scm_arrray_handle_[srfi tag]_elements
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 00:49:33 +0100

On 12 Jan, 2010, at 0:22, Andy Wingo wrote:

I've fixed the issues compiling e.g. address@hidden(1 2 3) and the like,

Thanks for the great support.

and applied this patch as well. Thanks for the reports.

Anything else? :)

Yeah… your patch is wrong :)

- return h- >elements; \ + return ((const ctype*) h->elements) + h- >base; \

I wrote it this way at first, too, but it doesn't work for c32/c64 because ctype for those is float/double. Calling the element size function as I did is clunky, since the type is already known, but maybe one could access the table in uniform.c directly or something.



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