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r6rs standard libraries

From: Julian Graham
Subject: r6rs standard libraries
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 12:53:10 -0500

Hi Guilers,

As mentioned in an earlier email [0], I've been working on
implementations for the libraries that make up the so-called R6RS
Standard Libraries [1], along with test suites.  Where possible, I've
tried to wrap existing Guile functionality instead of writing things
from scratch.  Speaking optimistically, I think I'm about 80% of the
way there (minus the test cases).  There are quite a few files, so, to
facilitate review, I've uploaded them to my web site [2].  There's
also an updated copy of the `(ice-9 r6rs-libraries)' module there,
which resolves a couple of issues present in the most recent version I
submitted to the list.

What do people think?

One point that may be of interest is that I've chosen to provide the
code in the form of R6RS libraries rather than Guile modules.  My
thinking is that the primary utility of most of these libraries lies
in the cross-Scheme compatibility they provide, and thus they're not
of particular interest to users writing code intended only for Guile.
In cases where there's actual new functionality, such as with the
bytevector features, a Guile module representation is probably more


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