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r6rs library documentation

From: Julian Graham
Subject: r6rs library documentation
Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 00:57:42 -0400

Hi Guilers,

As per Andy's suggestion, I'd like to start adding some documentation
for the R6RS library code Ive been working on, and I wanted to get a
sense of where that documentation should go.  My initial feeling is
that there are two documentation sections to be created: A description
of Guile's implementation of the R6RS `library' and `import' forms;
and some notes on the bits of the R6RS "Standard Libraries" that Guile
provides, along with pointers to more formal specs.  I'd say the first
part should go in api-modules.texi (right after "R6RS Version
References"), whereas the second should go into its own file and be
included somewhere near "Standard Libraries" (which could be renamed
to "Guile Standard Libraries") in guile.texi.



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