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Re: Hosting for Guile-PHP

From: Jon Herron
Subject: Re: Hosting for Guile-PHP
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 07:04:01 -0700 (PDT)

Andy -

  Hey, good to hear from you. I did get a project registered, but it's been 
going on two months now since my last commit. I got pretty far with base 
language support, no OOP yet, I'm pretty sure I needed to wrap up string 
interpolation and type hinting as well. What actually ended up happening was I 
got so fed up with PHP as a language I lost motivation to continue working on 
the project. There are so many crappy nuances with that language it is 
ridiculous.If there is anyone out there who would care to hack away on 
some I would be more than happy to grant commit access and provide input  if 

Project -
Git Web -

  I have started to prototype another project (using Guile), that has proved to 
be much more interesting to me - and hopefully more beneficial to a broad 
audience as well. Ideally I'd like to register that on Savannah and release it 
over the next couple months. More on that soon I hope.
  Seems like GSOC projects and the 2.0 work is going well, congrats to  
everyone. I personally can't wait for 2.0 to get released.


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From: Andy Wingo <address@hidden>
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Subject: Re: Hosting for Guile-PHP

Hi Jon,

What is the status of Guile-PHP? Did you manage to set up a savannah

It sounds like quite an interesting project :)



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