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GSOC wrap-up

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: GSOC wrap-up
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 08:10:43 -0700
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Hello hackers!

Another Google Summer of Code winds to a close. Though the weather
becomes milder, I hope all are in a climate suitable for sitting back
with a nice iced tea, contemplating a summer's hack and upcoming

Let me say first that I'm really happy to have worked with all of
you. You all were able to dive in to an unfamiliar, under-documented and
changing codebase, and come back with the needed hack, with very little
support from me.

And regarding that, that is my only regret from this year's SoC -- that
I was not available enough to give prompt feedback. But you all did

I see that Michael has already sent a mail to the list detailing his
progress. Brian and No, please do the same, when you can, to the
list. Also Brian, I think you have some unpushed commits -- please be
sure to get them out :)

It might take a little time to integrate your changes into Guile proper,
but I think all of your code is headed that way.

So then, on behalf of all Guile users and developers, thank you! We hope
eyou will stick around. There are many more hacks to hack :)



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