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About the old Guile tutorial

From: Anton Vidovic
Subject: About the old Guile tutorial
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 13:45:14 +0200

Hello all,

I've noticed that you removed the old tutorial from the website because it used 
1.6 APIs.

I think you should keep it visible on the main website for several reasons:

1. gunplot, as nice it is, and I basically use it daily, is not a GNU package.
2. It is not GPL-compatible.
3. It is probably not even free software, as it does not allow the distribution 
of modified sources.

4. Having an old tutorial wouldnt make any damage, Mike Gran's Guile book, 
which also references 1.6 only, is also still there.

and last but not least:

5. It was my first contact with guile back then and I wouldnt like it to simply 
"go away", which would kinda feel like throwing away a old but nice book.

Plase reconsider putting the link back up.


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