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From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: Re: FOL
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 23:02:30 +0200
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> What are your plans for your Prolog compiler, in terms of releases,
> merges, and whatnot?  :-)

This is on my list before I think that it will be merged/released a beta
I'm in the process to replace the matchers with modified Shinn. The main
problem using prompts is that I don't get tail call's, I do have it with 
the fragile umatch and Shinn! Also I will not need to patch guile sources.
I'll use a pure Scheme backend and a c-code version.

2. Write test test code - which now is a good time to start when there are
decent syntax error reports.

> > For setting up the error reporting I used a pdf
> > describing the syntax-parse macro
> > 
> >
> Yeah, that seems like an improvement in terms of error detection and
> error reporting (better than “source expression failed to match any
> pattern”...).
> However, I don’t like the aesthetics: keywords, and, worse, type
> annotations embedded in identifiers.

The syntax can be fixed, any ideas?


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