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Re: new module: (web uri)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: new module: (web uri)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 20:41:17 +0200
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Heya Mike,

On Sun 17 Oct 2010 22:05, Mike Gran <address@hidden> writes:

> Writing yet another webserver for fun is one thing, but, writing yet
> another webserver for inclusion in Guile is the path of madness, because
> you'd be implying that it is, in some sense, validated.  A webserver
> is oh so deceptively simple...  But looking at the http11 parser
> in Mongrel2, for example, shows how it is harder than it looks.

Yeah I certainly don't want to bless a web server, or even write a
proper one. It would be nice though if we had a *toy* web server.

For example, as I mentioned I was setting up my web app, and I just
wanted to see if it worked. If I could run a toy server and check that
it worked, that would be great. Then I could choose mongrel2 or nginx or
whatever with fastcgi or mod_proxy or whatever, and I have some freedom
in that respect, because I know that somewhere there is a (lambda
(request) ...) that doesn't care much about how the actual web server is

You could be right though, this might be a bad idea. But at the very
least we do need an HTTP client in Guile if we are ever to make an
ELPA-alike (or cpan-alike, if you prefer), and for that we need a URI
lib, an http client, perhaps request and response object, base64 and
mime encoding, etc.

> BTW, I haven't tried it yet, but, a Guile / Mongrel2 could make for
> a great platform, with not too much glue code.

Yeah that sounds like fun! Microhttpd also sounds interesting for toy
usage, will check it out.



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