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Re: piper schemigan

From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: Re: piper schemigan
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 23:18:40 +0100
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On Thursday, November 25, 2010 10:17:44 pm Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> +1 for reviving Guile-SCSH!
> Ludo’.


Well all this stems from me littering development code with printf or pk's
or pretty-pk's and then add tags to it. Then I usually work in bash and
mongle the output at my will. So now I have this is guile and are so pleased
that I can do
(use-modules (scsh syntax))

and then write
(run (| (begin (the-schem-fun)) '(grep abc) '(tee debug.log)))

Oh well, actually, I would probably make a macro and/or mod the reader
and add the autoquoting as in the original scsh, to be able to do

(the-schem-fun) | (grep abc) (tee debug.log)

So from my personal view I'm sort of very close to the goal.

But all of scsh have not been imported (yet) the reason is that I want to get 
a core that is stable. you can easilly with a little misstake make guile and 
actually the whole shell session go down. So, the core has to be worked on for 
some time. I've just made it work I do not understand the codebase and tests
has to be made. I do not, personally, like the idea to incorporate all of scsh
in one go. I would divede the package into a base where the basic
functionality is in and that sit's closer to the guile core. Then as time goes
we can add the SRE regexps, and so on. to another package, further away. 
Maybe I need to put in some more packages I don't now, but my sense tells me 
that it it wise to startup small and solid in stead of fat and ugly :-).

Anyhow, I just checked in the current scsh in module/scsh in if there is a package you would like thean
give me a hint.

A note, you need to quote a lot of things explicitly and there are bugs and
debug  outputs - e.g. a bit premature, but I would like you to have a
possibility to express ideas, ok if none, great if some.

Actually I noticed that the codebase seem to be needing to include all
packages into the namespace before e.g. using defmacro's and then need to 
have the symbols generated by the macro in the namespace. As small as it
sounds, the imporvemnet on  this is soo great, I can now just ask for the 
run macro from the (scsh syntax) package and it should work. This is far
better then all of scsh working in my book.

Your milage may vary, keep up the good work and a happy weekend to you.


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