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Introducing Jitgen

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Introducing Jitgen
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 14:52:49 -0500

Hello all,

Attached is the first version of Jitgen, a system for writing virtual
machines and matching JIT compilers without so much duplicated code.
It's pretty rough, but I wanted to see what you thought of this
version and ask for comments.

The problem it's trying to solve is that if I made a JIT compiler the
normal way, I would have to basically write the virtual machine over
again. This is because each VM opcode would have a compiler method
which would implement exactly the same algorithm as the
already-existing C implementation, but with slightly different
function calls. For example, here's the C implementation of
scm_op_assert_nargs_ee_locals (with a few macros expanded):

  scm_t_ptrdiff n;
  SCM *old_sp;

  /* nargs = n & 0x7, nlocs = nargs + (n >> 3) */
  n = (*ip++);

  if (sp - (fp - 1) != (n & 0x7))
    goto vm_error_wrong_num_args;

  old_sp = sp;
  sp += (n >> 3);
  while (old_sp < sp)
    *++old_sp = SCM_UNDEFINED;


And here's the JIT implementation:

  jit_value_t tmp1, tmp2, tmp3, val_scm_undefined;
  jit_label_t good_path = jit_label_undefined;
  int n_val, count;

  objcodep++; ip = jit_insn_add (function, ip, ipup);
  n_val = *objcodep;
  tmp1 = jit_insn_sub (function, fp, spup);
  tmp2 = jit_insn_sub (function, sp, tmp1);
  tmp3 = jit_insn_eq (function, tmp2,
                      jit_value_create_nint_constant (function,
  jit_insn_branch_if (function, tmp3, &good_path);
  /** goto vm_error_wrong_num_args **/
  /* restore the ip, sp and fp pointers, and return. */
  jit_insn_store_relative (function, ipp, 0, ip);
  jit_insn_store_relative (function, spp, 0, sp);
  jit_insn_store_relative (function, fpp, 0, fp);
     jit_value_create_nint_constant (function, jit_type_int,
  jit_insn_label (function, &good_path);

  val_scm_undefined =
    jit_value_create_nint_constant (function, jit_type_void_ptr,
  for (count = 0;
       count < (n_val >> 3);
      sp = jit_insn_add (function, sp, spup);
      jit_insn_store_relative (function, sp, 0, val_scm_undefined);

The goal of Jitgen is to generate both of these from the following instructions:

'((ip <- ip + ipup)
  (tmp1 <- fp - spup)
  (tmp2 <- sp - tmp1)
  (tmp3 <- tmp2 == (n_val & 0x7))
  (branch-if tmp3 good_path)
  (store-relative ipp 0 ip)
  (store-relative spp 0 sp)
  (store-relative fpp 0 fp)
  (return jit_return_wrong_num_args)
  (label good_path)
  (sp <- sp + spup)
  (store-relative sp 0 SCM_UNDEFINED)

(Actually these instructions will only generate part of that, but I
did say it was rough. :-) )

The attached file jitgen.scm has two functions, instructions->c and
instructions->libjit, which implement this. The rest of that file is
supporting functions for those two.

The file test.scm has a few tests for these, but they're pretty primitive.

There's also a file called expand.scm, which is my idea for eventually
using these. It's a Guile script that takes a file and copies it to an
output file, except that in between occurrences of `%%` it expects to
find Scheme code, and it evaluates the code and pastes the output into
its output file. I'm thinking that we could use this to generate
vm-i-system.c and vm-jit.c from templates, using a common set of
definitions for the VM operations.

(As a side note, something similar is already done for foreign.c and
gsubr.c, but with Elisp to generate the code.)

My biggest question is, is this something that you would be interested
in having in Guile?

If so, then also what do you think of the code style and interfaces,
and do you have any other feedback?


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