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two oh, two oh, two oh

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: two oh, two oh, two oh
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 11:19:48 +0100
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We've sorta fallen off the 2.0 wagon in recent months. Much of it is my
fault, I think -- I needed a break, and set off to hack apps, and am
just coming back now.

And to be honest, Guile has seen a *lot* of features going in recently,
and this is a wonderful thing. Wonderful, but it does push back on the
2.0 schedule -- features have to be documented, they take hacktime, etc.

So we should be happy with the recent hacks, and happy to have a
breather before bearing down on 2.0. Which is what we should do now, I

Let me propose a draft to-do list and schedule. All of the to-do items
are on top of our normal bugfixing and such. Please reply with
additions, comments, or changes.

 * Blocker bugs for 2.0

   - See if objcode space can be reserved for native code -- Andy / Noah

   - The guile <-> unistring escaping issue -- ?

 * Would-be-nice things for 2.0

   - Merge in SoC work, finally (elisp, lua, peg parser) -- Andy

   - Test ecmascript - ?
     (For a long time it was broke at the REPL, due to a608cad27. Fixed
     now, I think, but needs completion :/)

   - Update website - ?

   - "Marketing" plan - ?

 * Schedule

   - 15 Dec -- 1.9.14. I think we need another (!) prerel to consolidate
     the changes since 1.9.13, and this will have been 2 months and
     probably 150 commits.

   - 15 Jan -- Branch for stable 2.0.x series, master becomes 2.1

   - 1 Feb 2011 -- Release 2.0.0

I'm just pulling numbers and dates out of a hat here, but we need some
common milestones to focus on to finally birth this baby.

Thoughts, concerns, commentary?

Happy hacking,


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