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Re: gnu in summer-of-code: more projects needed

From: BT Templeton
Subject: Re: gnu in summer-of-code: more projects needed
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 03:41:30 -0400
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Andy Wingo <address@hidden> writes:

> If you are a Guile committer, think for a while about SoC-sized projects
> that you would like to mentor: things that you would like someone to do,
> about which you have ideas, and mail the ideas to the list.  

I'd like to continue my work on the Emacs Lisp compiler. Some areas that
could use improvement:

 * Implement Emacs-compatible lexical binding support

 * Many Elisp subrs are not implemented in Guile-Elisp; some don't make
   sense outside of Emacs, but the rest should be provided. I wrote
   simple versions of many subrs in Elisp (using guile-ref, etc.), but
   only just enough for subr.el to load more or less correctly.

 * A more comprehensive testing framework would be nice. For example,
   I'd like to be able to run Elisp tests in both Guile and Emacs.

 * "Big variables," as proposed in
   <>, would
   simplify the implementation, and would also be useful if anyone wants
   to implement support for other Lisp-2 dialects in the future.

 * Nil needs to be a list, a boolean, *and* a symbol, not just a list
   and a boolean.

 * Guile-Elisp needs to support aliases and buffer-local variables.

 * Guile-Elisp could be a bit faster (Emacs is still faster for the
   Gabriel benchmarks), though I assume Guile will do better with code
   that uses lexical binding.

Suggestions welcome; I'll be submitting the final application on 7 or 8

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