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Re: Hi! Interested in GSoC. Feedback on these ideas?

From: Paul Raccuglia
Subject: Re: Hi! Interested in GSoC. Feedback on these ideas?
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 17:45:00 -0400

Okay. So I'm settling on the idea of the package manager (not sure
what to call it. A CPAN style thingy.) I'm thinking of looking
primarily at dorodango or maybe Nix as resources,depending on what
makes sense in the context of Guile.

In (
this I saw a bunch of really useful points you made, Rotty. It seems
like Dorodango would be a great thing to work into this.

Because this is a project that has a lot of social implications for
Guile, I think that getting an idea of how the system would work (in
terms of syntax, specific function, etc.) would need a good deal of
input from the community.

My thought is to do the basic functionality needed (install,
uninstall, dependencies,getting the package, etc.), how to connect it
to Guile, and how the package server would work. Once those are
established, other functionality should be reasonably easy to add in a
modular fashion, if the project is designed well.

I'd really appreciate comments.


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