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Re: Just to mention: Why there's still not any guile-2.0 packages in lin

From: CRLF0710
Subject: Re: Just to mention: Why there's still not any guile-2.0 packages in linux distributions?
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 13:08:37 +0800

Thanks. I want to deploy guile 2.0 to about ten machines ( of our
development team members'). Since they have the same endianness maybe
i'll give this a try...

But now i worry most about the deployment of our final software. The
deployment will be in September. Well, most of the dependencies can be
solved using APT and similar tools within ten minutes, with guile
alone may takes more than a hour to be compiled on every user
machine(if there's still no guile-2.0 package by that time)...

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

2011/4/19 Noah Lavine <address@hidden>:
> I don't know about the packaging, but I think the .go files depend on
> the endianness of the machine but nothing else. So you should be able
> to move them between different little-endian or big-endian machines
> (unless I'm wrong). But it seems much safer to me to just compile
> things. You shouldn't have to do it more than once unless you develop
> Guile.
> Good luck,
> Noah
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 9:15 PM, CRLF0710 <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Guile 2.0 has been there for some time. Why there's still not any
>> guile-2.0 package in linux distributions?
>> Did they have trouble packaging it?
>> By the way, is the .go file portable? Building them(rnrs, ice-9 etc)
>> during compiling guile takes so looooong...
>> Thanks
>> --
>> CrLF.0710

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