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Re: CPAN-type thing: specifications, wishes, thoughts?

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: CPAN-type thing: specifications, wishes, thoughts?
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 10:24:11 -0400

> Well, IIRC, it's not a feature that "dorodango does not have" ;-):
> dordango's package container format (referred to as a "bundle") can
> contain multiple packages.  So it is possible to pack all your
> dependencies in a single ZIP, and install them in one go using that
> bundle.  There's a bit of text about that in the dorodango manual, but
> here is how it works practically:
> % doro show-bundle # to view packages in the bundle
> % doro install my-app # install my-app and all 
> dependencies

Ah, that's very cool! I actually meant support for installing the
program without even dorodango installed - using only what comes with
it. But I imagine you could create some sort of bundle with the 'doro
install' code plus the app bundle.

Eventually you'd want cross-platform bundling support too, but that
gets more difficult. I imagine that software like LilyPond or GnuCash
would be interested in a convenient way to use new Guile modules.

> Support for this has to be present in the conception of the
> package/bundle format, so indeed it's important that taking this feature
> into account from the beginning.

I'm glad you've been thinking it through, then.


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