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Re: Indexing Scheme and C identifiers separately

From: Mark Harig
Subject: Re: Indexing Scheme and C identifiers separately
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:43:54 -0400

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 07:09:07PM -0300, David Pirotte wrote:

> While you are at the manual, may I point to some
> suggestion I made about the structure and contents of the
> indexes which still is, IMHO, valid today. [wanted to
> actually really point the email in guile-devel archive but
> but it didn't let me parse before october 2009 ...]
> I didn't and still don't have [yet] the skill to fluently
> and bug freely manipulate large doc written in texinfo,
> otherwise I would have done it.
> Cheers,
> David

> >> Hi Guilers,
> >>
> >> It might be a small thing [and of course not a priority
> >> at all], but I'd love to see a small evolution of the
> >> manual index structure in order to separate scheme
> >> procedures from others, scheme variables from
> >> others...:
> >>
> >>    * Concept Index
> >>    * Scheme Prodedure Index    * C Procedure Index
> >>    * Scheme Variable Index     * C Variable Index
> >>    * Scheme Type Index         * C Type Index
> >>    * R5RS Index
> >>
> >> Being a scheme 'only' programmer, I'd love not to have
> >> to scroll through gh_* and scm_* ... when I am looking
> >> for something in an index.

I do not know how you are reading the Guile Reference
Manual, but the printed version is about 809 pages long.  At
present, the indices run from page 755 to 809, so the
revision that is suggested, above, would not be small.

What would be of some help to get this project started is a
list of the identifiers:

  1) A list of all Scheme procedure names
  2) A list of all C procedure names
  3) A list of all Scheme variable names
  4) A list of all C variable names
  5) A list of all Scheme type names
  6) A list of all C type names

(By "all names", I mean "all names included in the Guile
Reference Manual", not, for example, "all C function names
in Standard C".)

To make the project more manageable, it could be done in
"atomic" sets.  

   1) Set 1 would be all Scheme and C procedure names
   2) Set 2 would be all Scheme and C variable names
   3) Set 3 would be all Scheme and C type names

Each of these sets could be added to the manual
independently over a period of time.

Also useful would be more suggestions for the Concept Index.
If you are using the reference manual and attempt to look
something up via the `Info-index' or `Info-virtual-index'
commands and are not able to locate what you are looking
for, then that is a good candidate for a report to the
bug-guile mailing list.  A address@hidden' entry can then be added
to the appropriate locations in the manual, making it more
useful and easier to use.


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