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Queries about while doc and (ice-9 command-line)

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Queries about while doc and (ice-9 command-line)
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 19:12:44 +0100
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Hi there,

I was looking today at some recent commits, and noticed a few queries...


+(while #f (error "not reached")) @result{} #f
+(while #t (break)) @result{} #t
+(while #f (break 1 2 3)) @result{} 1 2 3
address@hidden example

I think the #f in the last while line should be #t.


            (if (pair? do-script)
                (set-car! do-script arg))
            (set! arg0 arg)
            (set! interactive? #f)
            (finish args
                    (cons `(load ,arg) out)))

Does this code mean that we load the script twice, in the -ds case?

If that's right, I believe the -s block has the same issue.

           ((string=? arg "-x")         ; add to %load-extensions
            (if (null? args)
                (error "missing argument to `-L' switch"))
            (set! user-extensions (cons (car args) user-extensions))
            (parse (cdr args)

In the error message here, -L should be -x.

          ;; Handle the `-e' switch, if it was specified.
          ,@(if entry-point
                `((,entry-point (command-line)))

Do we go interactive after seeing a -e option?  I don't see a setting of
the interactive? variable that would prevent this?


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