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Re: WRITE & linefeed

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: WRITE & linefeed
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 22:49:55 +0100
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Ian Price <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello guilers,
> There's a small aesthetic issue that's been bothering me for a
> while. Namely, newlines aren't treated like other escape sequences when
> printed with WRITE.
> scheme@(guile-user)> (write "\n")
> "
> "scheme@(guile-user)>
> Now, I can see why this would be useful when printing multiple line
> strings, but the inconsistency with e.g. "\t\f" irks me. What do the
> rest of you think?

I agree, but I can imagine that there is a case for the current
behaviour too, and it's nice to preserve back-compatibility.  Emacs has
`print-escape-newlines', and I guess we need something like that here -
an addition to `print-options'?


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