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building the guildhall

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: building the guildhall
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:48:04 +0200
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Hello Guilers,

We need to get to work on building the CPAN-for-Guile that we keep
talking about.  To that end, I renamed "guile-tools" in the upcoming
2.0.2 release to "guild".  Besides being a shorter and more pleasant
name, its intended future use is for a CPAN-like system for Guile
wizards and journeyfolk to band together to share code.  There is a
backward-compatible link from guile-tools of course.

So the thing would be to:

  guild update
  guild install


The packaging system needs a name; we've been saying "cpan-alike" for
too long ;-)  We discussed a bit on IRC and thought that "guildhall" (or
"guild hall") might do.  It's a place where Guile craftspeople meet.
For the moment, it looks like it will do as a name, but if you come up
with something significantly better do let us know.

The next step is to port dorodango (or parts thereof) to be (scripts
...) modules, so they can run as guild commands.  See for more on dorodango.  We can get or or something as needed; possibly

It would be really fantastic if someone were interested in championing
this work :-) Any takers?  It's a tricky project but we have time, so we
can iterate on the result until we're happy with it.

So, let's build the guild hall!


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