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Re: building the guildhall

From: nalaginrut
Subject: Re: building the guildhall
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 11:45:01 +0800

> Hello Guilers,
> We need to get to work on building the CPAN-for-Guile that we keep
> talking about.  To that end, I renamed "guile-tools" in the upcoming
> 2.0.2 release to "guild".  Besides being a shorter and more pleasant
> name, its intended future use is for a CPAN-like system for Guile
> wizards and journeyfolk to band together to share code.  There is a
> backward-compatible link from guile-tools of course.
> So the thing would be to:
>   guild update
>   guild install
> etc.
> The packaging system needs a name; we've been saying "cpan-alike" for
> too long ;-)  We discussed a bit on IRC and thought that "guildhall" (or
> "guild hall") might do.  It's a place where Guile craftspeople meet.
> For the moment, it looks like it will do as a name, but if you come up
> with something significantly better do let us know.
> The next step is to port dorodango (or parts thereof) to be (scripts
> ...) modules, so they can run as guild commands.  See
> for more on dorodango.  We can get
> or or something as needed; possibly
> also
> It would be really fantastic if someone were interested in championing
> this work :-) Any takers?  It's a tricky project but we have time, so we
> can iterate on the result until we're happy with it.
> So, let's build the guild hall!
> Andy

Should we consider a new directory to put these downloaded packages
without any authority? Sometimes new packages have .so files. I don't
think it's proper to handle them with authority. If some bad packages
injected or substituted other common .so files, it would be dangerous.
Anyway, guild-hall is open for anyone. 

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