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guildhall status

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: guildhall status
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 13:55:20 +0200
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I wanted to bootstrap the guildhall stuff, so last week I started poking
at Andreas' excellent dorodango (  I
forked his repo on gitorious, removed a bunch of compat stuff for other
implementations, imported dependencies into the archive, replaced the
http stuff with Guile's (web) foo, and wired up a standard build system.

The result is here:

You can:

  git clone git://

Then ./configure && make && make check.

You will only be able to succeed there if you have (web client), which I
have pushed to Guile's stable-2.0 branch.

Wherever you see "doro" in the docs, replace it with "guild hall".
Perhaps in the future we should drop the "hall", so "guild hall update"
-> "guild update" or something.  Anyway, a thought for another time.

So, the status:

  1) Builds.
  2) Passes make check.
  3) Can update the available list.
  4) Everything else is untested :-)

Next up:

  1) Check status of dorodango functionality.
  2) Fix things that don't work.
  3) Profit?
  4) Start thinking about hosting and accounts and UX and stuff.

I will see if I can get work to sponsor a server that we can use, and
see if we can get it aliased to -- unless someone else
would like to provide the server.  It would be nice to have root on that
server, FWIW.  It could be a VM.

As far as relation with dorodango goes, we should do our best to keep
the guildhall compatible with dorodango archives on the net.  We should
also try hard to share code, but that is secondary.  Farther along I
would like to rename (dorodango ...) in our source to (guildhall ...) or
something so that we don't conflict with upstream.  I would also like to
reduce the number of bundled dependencies, and for the ones that are
left, include them under the (guildhall ...) namespace, making them
effectively private.  That way you can also install dorodango on your
machine, if you wish, and also install the wak- packages, industria,
ocelotl, etc.

I would really love for someone to take up this project.  I can help
getting it to the minimally functional state.  Please let me know if you
are interested.



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