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From: Noah Lavine
Subject: ELisp?
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 21:35:48 -0400

Hello all,

Could anyone tell me the status of the ELisp implementation since July
21st (the last update)?

I'm especially interested now because of a thread on emacs-devel -
People were talking about adding multithreading to Emacs. Some people
said that moving Emacs to Guile might be the best solution, but others
were pessimistic about that ever happening. It looks like the Emacs
people would really like to use Guile, and we would certainly like
them to. Also, every time Emacs implements a feature that Guile
already has, it's wasted effort when we eventually integrate them.

It seems like Emacs-Guile integration is a project that is on the
verge of happening, and just needs some sort of push to get it over
the hump. I hope that this summer's SoC work can be the impetus.


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