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From: Simon Haines
Subject: Guildhall
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 09:52:17 +1100

I'd like to start looking into getting some of my libraries ready for the guildhall, and have a few quick questions.

How are library namespaces going to be determined? I can see a couple of approaches:
a) authoritative (contributors apply to a central authority for a namespace upon library contribution), or
b) federated (contributors have a namespace, perhaps based on a login name, under which all their libraries live)
I guess it's a matter of taste: (import (guildhall db nosql mongodb (1))) vs (import (guildhall simonhaines mongodb (1))). Perhaps this is mere bikeshedding and the best approach is 'anything goes'.

What's the contribution process going to look like? I assume a 'contribute' form on a web page somewhere, similar to PLaneT or CPAN. Some infrastructure may be required to support this: repository hosting and an announce mailing list. On the latter points, the last I heard was being sought for hosting, and I guess guile-user would be a good announce list.

I think the guildhall would be a fantastic development for guile, and I'd like to do all I can to get the ball rolling, from paper-chasing to helping out with the dorodango integration. Just let me know how I can help.

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