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And another deprecation joke

From: David Kastrup
Subject: And another deprecation joke
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 13:58:21 +0100
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`dimensions->uniform-array' is deprecated.  Use `make-typed-array' instead.

Unfortunately, this was not even called in the application.

The actual function called was make-uniform-vector.

If we look at the documentation of make-typed-array, we find


— Scheme Procedure: make-typed-array type fill bound ...
— C Function: scm_make_typed_array (type, fill, bounds)

    Create and return an array that has as many dimensions as there are
    bounds and (maybe) fill it with fill.

    The underlying storage vector is created according to type, which
    must be a symbol whose name is the `vectag' of the array as
    explained above, or #t for ordinary, non-specialized arrays.

This, however, is a lie, since there is no place above where "vectag"
would be explained.  There is an explanation about how it will be
printed as part of an array, but not how it is specified.

Would it please be possible

a) to not just deprecate some function when there are _callers_ in the
   guile code base that are _not_ explicitly deprecated
b) make sure that the recommended replacements are actually

This is not the first such "deprecation" I have encountered, and it
shows a blatant disrespect of the user base.

David Kastrup

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