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Re: Guildhall

From: Simon Haines
Subject: Re: Guildhall
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 09:30:43 +1100

Hi Andy, thanks for getting back to me. Considering the amount of mail you must have to deal with, I'm surprised you're able to get way back to November to follow up.

On 7 January 2012 04:04, Andy Wingo <address@hidden> wrote:
 * Examine the state of things
 * Remind myself where we want to go
 * Figure out the next step
 * Do the next step

I don't need to be a blocker on any of this, though.  The first three
steps can be done on mailing lists.  The last sometimes involves mail,
sometimes code, and in the future will involve some sysadmin things --
for code, I am very, very happy to accept merge requests on the
guildhall project on gitorious, or patches on this mailing list.
Collaboration on sysadmin things is also possible: send me the code and
I'll put it up on

I received a reply from my original mail from  Noah Lavine pretty much summarising this same process. I got my libraries in good shape and started looking into your dorodango patches and the guild source. I haven't had time to do much since then, but (as I replied to Noah) I'll keep my eye on the guile-devel mailing list and chime in when I've got something to add.

As an aside, let me just mention how much I enjoyed your articles on V8 and say that I'm in awe of the effort you're putting into Guile. Nice one!
Happily hacking, Simon.

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