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Re: syntax-local-binding

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: syntax-local-binding
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:05:43 +0100
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Heya Mark,

On Fri 20 Jan 2012 23:03, Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> writes:

>   (let ((x 1))
>     (syntax-local-binding #'x))
> is not equivalent to:
>   (let ((x 1))
>     (local-eval '(syntax-local-binding #'x) (the-environment)))

Indeed; bummer!  I think, though, that this is simply a consequence of
giving more power to macro writers.

It is analogous in some ways to the changes that identifier-syntax
introduce into macro writing: with identifier-syntax, one can no longer
write a code walker with syntax-rules pattern matching, as single
identifiers may expand out to complicated expressions, possibly even
with side effects.

>> Why do you think that?  The procedures do carry metadata; I understood
>> that that was your strategy, to use the serialization of the
>> syntax-rules form in the procedure metadata.
> Well, this was in the context of a new strategy where psyntax would
> include a new core form called `call-with-current-local-expander' that
> calls its parameter (a procedure or macro) with a procedure that accepts
> an expression and returns an expanded form.  In this case, the most
> straightforward implementation would simply serialize the (r w mod)
> structures directly.
> Toward that end, I was thinking it would be nice to keep those
> structures serializable.  The only part that's not currently
> serializable are the transformer procedures for local macros.
> Thus the change in representation.

I have been staring at this empty page here for a little while, writing
and re-writing, but I can't get over a feeling that I really don't want
this kind of work in psyntax itself.  Who knows, maybe you have really
convincing arguments here, but this particular argument should not be
driving a decision about e.g. including syntax-local-binding or not.

That sounds negative, and in a way of course it is -- but still, I'd
much rather enable people to make powerful syntactic abstractions like
local-eval outside psyntax.  Syntax-parse, for example, if it ever
lands, will land in the form of a module

In this case there are lots of strategies you could use.  We could
change psyntax to embed the syntax objects in the procedure meta-data,
like I said.  Ice-9 local-eval could #:replace its own syntax-rules.  We
could (and probably should) do procedure serialization.



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