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Re: SRFI-64 module and SRFI-78 module -- archive file attached

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: SRFI-64 module and SRFI-78 module -- archive file attached
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 13:30:49 -0400


> I'd felt afraid of address@hidden because I'm just a newbie and a
> poor enghlish reader/writer; especially of language problem.

That's fine. I am sure that you will get used to it if you contribute a lot.

> My goal? Hum... Like other people, I'd googled when I'd needed a test
> suite. I'd heard the SRFI 64 and SRFI 78 but not been able to use it
> then. So, I'd tried with unit-test in guile-lib.
> unit-test is good but my concern was abnormal case, i.e., error or
> exception. unit-test supports assert-exception macro but I feel
> insufficient when unexpected exception occur. So, I was back to SRFI 64
> and made it work on Guile.
> I think there are people googling for test suite like me. If Guile
> include SRFI 64 in bundle, it would be helpful to them.

Thanks for doing that! I have only read SRFI-64 yet, but I have a few comments.

First of all, it would be nice you had tests for it. You might be able
to use SRFI-64 to test itself, which would be cool.

Second, since your changes add compatibility for several Scheme
implementations, have you thought about trying to make them part of
the reference implementation? You would probably have to email Per
Bothner to ask him, but that might be the best way to make your
changes available to all of the implementations you are making it for.
If not, I hope Guile would like to have it, but I think you are
targeting more than just Guile.


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