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Re: Do you recognize these modules?

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: Do you recognize these modules?
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 06:52:31 -0400


> The short answer is that the fork (from 2001 or so) was a reaction
> to losing repo write privs.  Now that i have regained them, i am
> interested in merging back the relevant bits, w/ copyright notice
> modified to the proper FSF standards.  Details up to you...

That sounds great to me!

> I see from another post you have decided to rewrite, due to my
> delayed response.  Sorry about that.  I anticipate my ability to
> keep up in the foreseeable future to be likewise limited, so if
> you're still interested, please let me know what i must do to get
> these bits in-tree and useful to you (and others) as a basis for
> further maintenance (kind of a one-shot mass-transfer).

Luckily, I haven't actually started the rewrite, because I also have
limited time to work on this. So I'm very glad to hear that you're
interested in transfering them. If you are the only author of the
pieces, then I think the transfer is simple - you put the FSF
copyright notice at the top, and you're done. (Assuming the code works
correctly on Guile 2.0. But the best way to check that is by running
tests.) But Andy and Ludo are the real authorities on this.

> Thanks for taking care of 1.8, btw -- i am sure i'm not alone in
> appreciating this work.

I'm happy to.

Thanks a lot,

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