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Re: [PATCH] Turn on more documentation

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Turn on more documentation
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 10:05:38 -0400


> From “Organisation of this Manual”:
>  *Chapter 6: Guile API Reference*
>       This part of the manual documents the Guile API in
>       functionality-based groups with the Scheme and C interfaces
>       presented side by side.
>  *Chapter 7: Guile Modules*
>       Describes some important modules, distributed as part of the Guile
>       distribution, that extend the functionality provided by the Guile
>       Scheme core.
> So I think the idea is for core functionality to be in Chapter 6, and
> “peripheral things” to be in Chapter 7.  The modules you mention would
> fall in the second category, I think.

That's certainly enough for this project, but I think in general this
distinction is not very clear. How would someone guess what
functionality is considered "core" and what functionality is an
extension? My first guess would be that things in the (guile) module
are core and everything else is an extension, but that is not the
case. Does this come from an earlier time when the Guile core was
distributed separately from the Guile libraries?

Unless there is going to be some other distinction between core and
extensions, it would seem more natural to me to document everything by
functionality, in the same part of the manual. Some sections would
correspond to modules, because modules are also supposed to group
things by functionality, but that would not be the rule for how the
manual worked. What do you think?


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