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Making every goops object applicable

From: Krister Svanlund
Subject: Making every goops object applicable
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 19:24:41 +0200

In our work to look into how Python 3 could be implemented for Guile we have figured out that the only way to make a goops object applicable is to have it inherit <applicable-struct>. This does not always work the way it could be expected, for example when inheriting from several classes. Apparently this works by some flag being set by <applicable-strukt> in libguile for the object and that flag is checked during application, calling the 'procedure slot if it's set with some optimization assuming that 'procedure is the first slot.
Is this correct and if so, is there any particular reasoning behind this rather than just having all classes that has the slot 'procedure be applicable?

Krister Svanlund

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