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Re: Our temporary guildhall package repository down?

From: Andreas Rottmann
Subject: Re: Our temporary guildhall package repository down?
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 18:43:35 +0200
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Nala Ginrut <address@hidden> writes:

> is unavailable for me. And ijp
> said it's the same for him.
> But Rottmann's site is OK.
Yeah, seems I didn't copy the repository over when I moved the site onto
the new host.

> Well, if there's some trouble with his site to put guildhall package
> repository, I can provide a temporary repository from my web host.
I think there is a misunderstanding here: guildhall is a (friendly) fork
of dorodango; it's not yet clear if and how repositories would be shared
between dorodango (which targets R6RS implementations, primarily Guile
and Racket) and guildhall (which targets Guile only). 

> I think this may let us test guildhall till it really works for Guile
> at least.  Or we may have one more alternative repository.
I think guildhall definitly should have an separate repository (hosted
on official GNU resources), which perhaps might be used in combination
with dorodango's repository (or repositories). I'd also be happy to have
some directory on the (proposed) guildhall host to upload dorodango
(i.e. pure R6RS) packages to.

One thing that needs to be done IMO before a repository (with multiple
uploaders) is feasible, is a (secure) way to upload.  I wrote a script
some time ago based on the idea of an anonymous upload directory, which
packagers would upload packages along with detached GPG signatures.  If
signatures are valid and are made be a a group of people inside a GPG
keyring (i.e. allowed uploaders), these get moved into the actual
repository.  This is similiar (in principle) to how Debian's incoming
queue works.

The script is in `scripts/doro-update-archive' in the dorodango source
tree, but I've not recently checked if it still works, so YMMV.  It
should give you the gist of the idea, and some starting point if someone
wants to pick up this work.

What's also missing is an web-view of the repository.  I also have
started working on that, but likewise, it's unfinished, and much more so
than the upload script (which should be already usable, modulo bugs and
bitrot).  I've pushed the work already done to the `wip-web' branch.

If someone is interested on hacking on these two sub-projects, I'd be
happy to help along.

> Could anyone give me all the things of 'experimental' directory? I can
> upload them at once.
The stuff that used to be there is quite outdated, and it doesn't make
much sense IMO to put it anywhere.  For dorodango, I have in mind
finishing an outstanding feature (support akin to automake's DESTDIR
support), go over the documentation, and make an initial release.
However, my hacking time ATM is quite limited, so I cannot give any date
of when this will eventually happen.

Regards, Rotty
Andreas Rottmann -- <>

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