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Re: Build failures - compiling TeXmacs under guile 2.0.5

From: Jan Synacek
Subject: Re: Build failures - compiling TeXmacs under guile 2.0.5
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 08:36:58 +0200
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On 05/29/12 at 12:29am, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Hi,
> Jan Synacek <address@hidden> skribis:
> > It's a macro:
> >
> > #define scm_scm2str gh_scm2newstr
> >
> > I added additional
> >
> > #define gh_scm2newstr(a, b) scm_str2string((a))
> This one is incorrect.  You’d want ‘scm_to_locale_string’ instead, which
> takes an ‘SCM’ and returns a ‘char *’ (which the caller has the
> responsibility to free eventually.)
> Can you try and report back?
Ok, the whole patch is actually much smaller than I thought:

    #include <libguile/version.h>
      #include <guile/gh.h>
    #elif SCM_MAJOR_VERSION == 2
      #include <libguile.h>
      #define gh_list scm_list_n
      #define gh_scm2newstr(a, b) scm_to_locale_string((a))
      #define FN scm_t_subr
      inline char * gh_symbol2newstr(SCM sym, size_t *lenp)
              return gh_scm2newstr (scm_symbol_to_string (sym), lenp);

TeXmacs now compiles, thank you!!

Unfortunately, it doesn't run well. Its window is blank after start. I captured
a log [1]. Can you please take a look at it?  What does "ERROR: no such language
objcode" mean? The scheme files are there.


Thanks again and cheers,
Jan Synacek
Software Engineer, BaseOS team Brno, Red Hat

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