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Re: patching gcc to allow other calling conventions

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: patching gcc to allow other calling conventions
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 20:43:31 -0400


> Did you consider starting from GNU/MIT Scheme?  It supports only IA32
> and x86_64, I think, but it’s in Scheme, and it’s GNU.

Actually, that's an interesting thought in general. I looked at MIT
scheme a bit a long time ago, but I believe it uses two intermediate
languages, a high-level one similar to Tree-IL and a low-level one
that I don't know much about. We might be able to turn Tree-IL into
the high-level one and use their compiler infrastructure. Since
they're a GNU project, there might not be copyright issues.

However, I'm not sure if this has advantages over just building it
ourselves. And I don't know if the MIT Scheme developers would like
this or not.


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