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Re: Derick's SRFI collection & guile

From: Ian Price
Subject: Re: Derick's SRFI collection & guile
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 18:38:10 +0100
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Ian Price <address@hidden> writes:

> Now, as I see it we have a few options available here.
> 1. Patch guile to also look up srfis using the above convention.
> 2. Absorb (set-difference portable-srfis guiles-srfis) into guile proper
> 3. I change the srfi package hosted on my repo to one that incorporates
> these using the guile convention.

Guile's current behaviour does interfere with trying to package srfi 99.
According to

  All implementations of SRFI 99 must provide the following libraries:

     (srfi :99)                       ; alias for (srfi :99 records)
     (srfi :99 records)               ; composite of the next three
     (srfi :99 records procedural)
     (srfi :99 records inspection)
     (srfi :99 records syntactic)

Currently, guile's behaviour, AIUI, is to just drop the part after the
(srfi :99), which would mean you couldn't just import the last
three. Supporting srfi 99 in its fullness will still require a change in

Ian Price --

"Programming is like pinball. The reward for doing it well is
the opportunity to do it again" - from "The Wizardy Compiled"

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